The Trash the Pump and Dump (TPD) app encompasses medical conditions, medications and substances of concern during lactation. Please note that there are very few medications and exposures that are absolutely contraindicated during lactation. If you are uncertain about a situation, please advise PUMPING AND SAVING! Most often dumping milk is NOT necessary, and the expressed milk can be given to the child later. Trash the Pump and Dump includes general information about medication use during lactation that is intended for educational purposes only and is not medical advice. This information is not a substitute for individualized medical care from a personal health care provider. Please contact your physician or healthcare provider or arrange for a visit with a qualified healthcare provider for medical care if you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical conditions or medications. Information on Trash the Pump and Dump is not intended to be and should not be considered the practice of any healthcare profession that requires a license, certification, or other credentials. Your use or access of this website does not create a provider-patient relationship, privileged relationship, or any relationship with IABLE that would result in any duties or responsibilities on the part of IABLE, TPD, or affiliated authors or staff.


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